Fracture Toughness / Fracture Energy Data for Ceramics

NIST Standard Reference Database 138

Last Update to Data Content: 1998



Reference: NIST Structural Ceramics Database

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Bi:2212 ( Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x )

Material Summary:

                      [Ref. 1,a]                   [Ref. 1,b]                   [Ref. 2,3]
Manufacturer........: Authors' laboratories        Authors' laboratories        Authors' laboratories
Material Designation: Bi:2212                      Bi:2212                      Bi:2212
Material Form.......: Polycrystal                  Polycrystal                  Polycrystal
Composition.........: Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x                Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x               Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x
Processing..........: Hot isostatically pressed    Sinter forged


[1] C. Y. Chu, J. L. Routbort, N. Chen, A. C. Biondo, D. S. Kupperman, and K. C. Goretta, "Mechanical Properties and Texture of Dense Polycrystalline Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox," Superconductor Science and Technology, Vol. 5, pp. 306-312 (1992).

[2] J. Joo, J. P. Singh, T. Warzynski, A. Grow, and R. B. Poeppel, "Role of Silver Addition on Mechanical and Superconducting Properties of High-Tc Superconductors," Applied Superconductivity, Vol. 2, pp. 401-410 (1994).

[3] L. J. Martin, K. C. Goretta, J. Joo, J. P. Sing, S. R. Olson, S. Wasylenko, R. B. Poeppel, and N. Chen, "Mechanical Properties of BiSrCaCuO/Ag Superconductors," Materials Letters, Vol. 17, pp. 232-236 (1993).

Property Table:

Temperature = 23 °C
Grain    Porosity    Fracture      Fracture   Measurement  Measurement  Comments
Size                 Toughness     Energy     Method       Environment
[µm]       [%]       [MPa·m1/2]     [J/m2] 
------   --------   ------------   ---------  -----------  -----------  --------------------------------
                         3.2                     SENB          air       Ref. 1,a; notch perpendicular to
                                                                                   pressing direction                                                                                
                         3.9                     SENB          air       Ref. 1,a; notch parallel to
                                                                                   pressing direction                                                                                
                         2.7                     SENB          air       Ref. 1,b; notch perpendicular to
                                                                                   pressing direction                                                                                
                         3.2                     SENB          air       Ref. 1,b; notch parallel to
                                                                                   pressing direction                                                                                
             10          1.9                     SENB          air       Ref. 2                                                                                
             23          1.2                     SENB          air       Ref. 3                                                                                
             23          1.8                     SENB          air                                                                                
             10          1.4                     SENB          air                                                                                
             10          1.8                     SENB          air                                                                                
              1          2.9                     SENB          air                                                                                
              1          2.8                     SENB          air                                                                                
              1          2.4                     SENB          air