Fracture Toughness / Fracture Energy Data for Ceramics

NIST Standard Reference Database 138

Last Update to Data Content: 1998



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Bi(Pb):2223 ( Bi2-xPbxSr2Ca2Cu3O10+y )

Material Summary:

                      [Ref. 1]                        [Ref. 2]                        [Ref. 3]
Manufacturer........: Authors' laboratories           Authors' laboratories           Authors' laboratories
Material Designation: Bi(Pb):2223                     Bi(Pb):2223                     Bi(Pb):2223
Material Form.......: Polycrystal                     Polycrystal                     Polycrystal
Composition.........: Bi1.2Pb0.8Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+x           Bi1.7Pb0.3Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+x            Bi1.8Pb0.3Sr2Ca1.9Cu3O10+x


[1] N. M. Alford, T. W. Button, and J. D. Birchall, "Processing, Properties and Devices in High-Tc Superconductors," Superconductor Science and Technology, Vol. 3, pp. 1-7 (1990).

[2] I. M. Low, H. Wang, and R. D. Skala, "Epoxy-Modified Bi(Pb)SrCaCuO Superconductors with Improved Mechanical Properties," Journal of Materials Science Letters, Vol. 14, pp. 384-386 (1995).

[3] Y. S. Yuan, M. S. Wong, and S. S. Wang, "Mechanical Behavior of Mg)-whisker Reinforced (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy High-Temperature Superconducting Composite," Journal of Materials Research, Vol. 11, pp. 1645-1652 (1996).

Property Table:

Temperature = 23 °C
Grain    Porosity    Fracture      Fracture   Measurement  Measurement  Comments
Size                 Toughness     Energy     Method       Environment
[µm]       [%]       [MPa·m1/2]     [J/m2] 
------   --------   ------------   ---------  -----------  -----------  --------------------------------
                         1.3                     SENB          air       Ref. 1                        
                         0.3                     SENB          air       Ref. 2                        
                         2.6                     SENB          air       Ref. 3