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glass ball SRD 126 X-Ray Attenuation and Absorption for Materials of Dosimetric Interest (Web, free access)  Keywords for Database
Tables and graphs of the photon mass attenuation coefficient and the mass energy-absorption coefficient are presented for all of the elements Z = 1 to 92, and for 48 compounds and mixtures of radiological interest. The tables cover energies of the photon (x-ray, gamma ray, bremsstrahlung) from 1 keV to 20 MeV.

The following Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data articles may also be of interest:
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glass ball Data on the Velocity Slip and Temperature Jump on a Gas-Solid Interface
Felix Sharipov
JPCRD 40(2) pp. 023101-1-023101-28 (2011)
glass ball electron interactions with c-C4F8
L. G. Christophorou, J. K. Olthoff
JPCRD 30(2) pp. 449-473 (2001)
glass ball Electron Interactions with CF3I
L. G. Christophorou, J. K. Olthoff
JPCRD 29(4) pp. 553-569 (2000)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball Electron Interactions with SF6
L. G. Christophorou, J. K. Olthoff
JPCRD 29(3) pp. 267-330 (2000)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball The Fragment Constant Method for Predicting Octanol-Air Partition Coefficients of Persistent Organic Pollutants at Different Temperatures
Xuehua Li, Jingwen Chen, Li Zhang, Xianliang Qiao, and Liping Huang
JPCRD 35(3) pp. 1365-1384 (2006)

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