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2 databases found for data retrieval.
glass ball SRD 103a NIST ThermoData Engine Database (PC database for purchase)  Keywords for Database
ThermoData Engine is the first product fully implementing all major principles of the concept of dynamic data evaluation formulated at NIST/TRC.
glass ball SRD 103b NIST ThermoData Engine Version 6.0 - Pure CompoThermoData Engine Database - Pure Compounds and Binary Mixtures (PC database for purchase)  Keywords for Database
This database contains property data for more than 21,000 pure compounds, 37,500 binary mixtures, 10,000 ternary mixtures, and 6,000 chemical reactions.

The following Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data articles may also be of interest:
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glass ball Computer Methods Applied to the Assessment of Thermochemical Data. Part I. The Establishment of a Computerized Thermochemical Data Base Illustrated by Data for TiCl4(g), TiCl4(l), TiCl3(cr), and TiCl2
S. P. Kirby, E. M. Marshall, J. B. Pedley
JPCRD 15(3) pp. 943-965 (1986)
Full Text: PDF

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