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1 database found for electrolyte solution.
glass ball SRD 106 IUPAC-NIST Solubility Database (Web, free access)  Keywords for Database
These solubilities are compiled from 18 volumes (Click here for List) of the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry(IUPAC)-NIST Solubility Data Series. The database includes liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, and gas-liquid systems. Typical solvents and solutes include water, seawater, heavy water, inorganic compounds, and a variety of organic compounds such as hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols, acids, esters and nitrogen compounds. There are over 67,500 solubility measurements and over 1800 references.

The following Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data articles may also be of interest:
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glass ball Evaluated Activity and Osmotic Coefficients for Aqueous Solutions: The Alkaline Earth Metal Halides
R. N. Goldberg, R. L. Nuttall
JPCRD 7(1) pp. 263-310 (1978)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball Summary of the Apparent Standard Partial Molal Gibbs Free Energies of Formation of Aqueous Species, Minerals, and Gases at Pressures 1 to 5000 Bars and Temperatures 25 to 1000 ^0 C
Eric H. Oelkers, Harold C. Helgeson, Everett L. Shock, Dimitri A. Sverjensky, James W. Johnson, Vitalii A. Pokrovskii
JPCRD 24(4) pp. 1401-1560 (1995)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball The Activity and Osmotic Coefficients of Aqueous Calcium Chloride at 298.15 K
Bert R. Staples, Ralph L. Nuttall
JPCRD 6(2) pp. 385-407 (1977)
Full Text: PDF

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