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2 databases found for heat of formation.
glass ball SRD 69 NIST Chemistry WebBook (Web, free access)  Keywords for Database
The NIST Chemistry WebBook contains: Thermochemical data for over 7000 organic and small inorganic compounds; thermochemistry data for over 8000 reactions; IR spectra for over 16,000 compounds; mass spectra for over 33,000 compounds; UV/Vis spectra for over 1600 compounds; electronic and vibrational spectra for over 5000 compounds; constants of diatomic molecules(spectroscopic data) for over 600 compounds; ion energetics data for over 16,000 compounds; thermophysical property data for 74 fluids.
glass ball SRD 23 NIST Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Database (REFPROP) (PC database for purchase)  Keywords for Database
NIST 23 contains revised data in a Windows version of the database, including 105 pure fluids and allowing mixtures of up to 20 components. The fluids include the environmentally acceptable HFCs, traditional HFCs and CFCs and 'natural' refrigerants like ammonia

The following Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data articles may also be of interest:
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these articles. (7 articles(s) found)
glass ball Critically Evaluated Thermochemical Properties of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Maria Victoria Roux, Manuel Temprado, James S. Chickos, and Yatsuhisa Nagano
JPCRD 37(4) pp. 1855-1996 (2008)
glass ball Energetics of Gaseous Ions
H. M. Rosenstock, K. Draxl, B.W. Steiner, and J. T. Herron
JPCRD 6(Supplement 1) pp. 1-783 (1977)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball Evaluated Enthalpies of Formation of the Stable Closed Shell C1 and C2 Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
Jeffrey A. Manion
JPCRD 31(1) pp. 123-172 (2002)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball Evaluated Gas Phase Basicities and Proton Affinities of Molecules; Heats of Formation of Protonated Molecules
Sharon G. Lias, Joel F. Liebman, Rhoda D. Levin
JPCRD 13(3) pp. 695-808 (1984)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball Gas-Phase Ion and Neutral Thermochemistry
Sharon G. Lias, John E. Bartmess, Joel F. Liebman, John L. Holmes, Rhoda D. Levin, W. Gary Mallard
JPCRD 17(Supplement 1) pp. 1-268 (1988)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball JANAF Thermochemical Tables, 1974 Supplement
M. W. Chase, J. L. Curnutt, A. T. Hu, H. Prophet, A. N. Syverud, L. C. Walker
JPCRD 3(2) pp. 311-480 (1974)
glass ball Selected Values of Heats of Combustion and Heats of Formation of Organic Compounds Containing the Elements C, H, N, O, P, and S
Eugene S. Domalski
JPCRD 1(2) pp. 221-278 (1972)
Full Text: PDF

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