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4 databases found for intensity.
glass ball SRD 78 NIST Atomic Spectra Database (ASD) (Web, free access)  Keywords for Database
This database provides access and search capability for NIST critically evaluated data on atomic energy levels, wavelengths, and transition probabilities that are reasonably up-to-date. The NIST Atomic Spectroscopy Data Center has carried out these critical compilations.
glass ball SRD 69 NIST Chemistry WebBook (Web, free access)  Keywords for Database
The NIST Chemistry WebBook contains: Thermochemical data for over 7000 organic and small inorganic compounds; thermochemistry data for over 8000 reactions; IR spectra for over 16,000 compounds; mass spectra for over 33,000 compounds; UV/Vis spectra for over 1600 compounds; electronic and vibrational spectra for over 5000 compounds; constants of diatomic molecules(spectroscopic data) for over 600 compounds; ion energetics data for over 16,000 compounds; thermophysical property data for 74 fluids.
glass ball SRD 108 Handbook of Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data (Web, free access)  Keywords for Database
This handbook provides a selection of the most important and frequently used atomic spectroscopic data. The compilation includes data for the neutral and singly-ionized atoms of all elements hydrogen through einsteinium (Z = 1-99). The wavelengths, intensities, and spectrum assignments are given for each element, and the data for the approximately 12,000 lines of all elements are also collected into a single table.
glass ball SRD 1A NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library with Search Program, Data Version: NIST v17 (PC database for purchase)  Keywords for Database
Available with full-featured NIST MS Search Program for Windows integrated tools, the NIST '98 is a fully evaluated collection of electron-ionization mass spectra. (147,198 Compounds with Spectra; 147,194 Chemical Structures; 174,948 Spectra )

The following Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data articles may also be of interest:
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these articles. (5 articles(s) found)
glass ball First Spectra of Neon, Argon, and Xenon 136 in the 1.2-4.0 Ám Region
Curtis J. Humphreys
JPCRD 2(3) pp. 519-530 (1973)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball Microwave Spectra of Molecules of Astrophysical Interest. XXI. Ethanol (C2H5OH) and Propionitrile (C2H5CH)
Frank J. Lovas
JPCRD 11(2) pp. 251-312 (1982)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball Microwave Spectra of Molecules of Astrophysical Interest. XXII. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
F. J. Lovas
JPCRD 14(2) pp. 395-488 (1985)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball Peak Absorption Coefficients of Microwave Absorption Lines of Carbonyl Sulphide
Z. Kisiel, D. J. Millen
JPCRD 11(1) pp. 99-116 (1982)
Full Text: PDF
glass ball The Millimeter- and Submillimeter-Wave Spectrum of trans-Ethyl Alcohol
J. C. Pearson, K. V.L.N. Sastry, M Winnewisser, Eric Herbst, Frank C. De Lucia
JPCRD 24(1) pp. 1-32 (1995)
Full Text: PDF

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