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effective attenuation length
elastic cross section
elastic electron scattering
elastic modulus
elastic scattering cross section
elasticity tensor
electric constant
electrical conductivity
electrical diffusivity
electrical resistivity
electromotive force
electron affinity
electron configuration
electron deuteron magnetic moment ratio
electron deuteron mass ratio
electron energy
electron gyromagnetic ratio
electron impact ionization cross section
electron magnetic moment
electron mass
electron mean escape depth
electron muon mass ratio
electron neutron magnetic moment ratio
electron neutron mass ratio
electron proton magnetic moment ratio
electron proton mass ratio
electron scattering
electron tau mass ratio
electron to alpha particle mass ratio
electron to negative muon magnetic moment ratio
electron to shielded helion magnetic moment ratio
electron to shielded proton magnetic moment ratio
electron transport
electron volt
electronic and vibrational spectrum
electronic configuration
electronic energy level
electronic state
electronic transition
elementary charge
emission depth distribution function
energy gap (2 Delta)
energy level
enthalpy function
enthalpy of combustion
enthalpy of formation
enthalpy of phase transition
enthalpy of reaction
enthalpy of sublimation
enthalpy of vaporization
entropy function
entropy of phase transition
entropy of vaporization
equilibrium constant
eutectic point
exchange correlation energy
expansion coefficient

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