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pair production in electron field
pair production in nuclear field
penetration depth
Peng Robinson equation of state
phase boundary pressure
phase composition
phase equilibria
phase equilibrium
phase formation
phase shift
photoelectric absorption
photoelectron line
photoionization asymmetry parameter
photoionization cross section
photon energy
Planck constant
plane atom distance
point group
Poisson ratio
Poisson's ratio
positive muon g factor
positive muon magnetic moment
positive muon proton magnetic moment ratio
potential energy
Prandtl number
product of moments of inertia
proton affinity
proton Compton wavelength
proton electron mass ratio
proton g factor
proton gyromagnetic ratio
proton magnetic moment
proton magnetic shielding correction
proton mass
proton muon mass ratio
proton neutron magnetic moment ratio
proton neutron mass ratio
proton tau mass ratio

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