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Note: All compositions are expressed in percentages by weight.

Compositions and Trade Names
...N Denotes the negative thermoelement of a given thermocouple type.
...P Denotes the positive thermoelement of a given thermocouple type.
BN Pt-nominal 6% Rh.
BP Pt-nominal 30% Rh.
EN or TN Nominally 55% Cu, 45% Ni, constantan: Cuprona, ThermoKanthal JNb, Advancec; often referred to as Adams constantan.
EP or KP Nominally 90% Ni, 10% Cr: Chromeld, Tophela, ThermoKanthal KPb, T-1c.
JN A Cu-Ni alloy similar to, but usually not interchangeable with, EN and TN; SAMA specification.
JP Nominally 99.5% Fe: ThermoKanthal JPb.
KN Nominally 95% Ni, 2% Al, 2% Mn, 1%Si.: Alumeld, Niala, T-2c, ThermoKanthal KNb.
NN Nominally 95% Ni, 41/2% Si, 1/10% Mg, nisil.
NP Nominally 84% Ni, 14% Cr, 11/2% Si, nicrosil.
RN, SN High-purity platinum.
RP Platinum-13% rhodium.
SP Platinum-10% rhodium.
TP High-purity copper.

a Trademark - Carpenter Technology Corporation.
b Trademark - Kanthal Corporation.
c Trademark - Driver-Harris Company.
d Trademark - Hoskins Manufacturing Company.