Match a set of unknown spectral lines. Up to 4 spectral lines may be requested:

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For Information Only

  Valid energy ranges (eV):
  Binding energy: 7.2 - 3939.9.
  Auger kinetic energy: 20.2 - 4002.
  Auger Parameter: 36.5 - 5206.
  Doublet separation energy: 0.105 - 126.6.

If an uncertainty associated with input energy is not entered, the default value of 1.0 will be used.

     Input an energy:    ±     
 Select energy type:     
     Input an energy:     ±     
 Select energy type:     
     Input an energy:     ±     
 Select energy type     
     Input an energy:     ±     
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  • Select an energy type from the select menu.
  • Enter the energy value and its error range for the selected energy type.
  • The energy value should be in the range as shown as in the For Information Only section.
  • Click the search button to query the database or click the reset button to reset entries.
  • Up to four spectral lines can be selected for each search.