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General Citation Data Processing Measurement Information Specimen Information Comment

Element: Sb
Formula: GaSb
XPS Formula: GaSb*
Name: gallium stibnide
CAS Registry No: 12064-03-8
Classes: III-V semiconductor, stibnide
Author Name(s): Franklin G.E., Rich D.H., Samsavar A., Hirchchorn E.S., Leibsle F.M.,Miller T., et al.
Journal: Phys. Rev. B 41, 12619 (1990)
Data Processing:
Data Type: Surface Core-level Shift for the Second Layer of Atoms
Line Designation: SS2-4d
Quality of Data: Adequate
Core-Level Shift (eV) 0.40
Energy Uncertainty: 0.02
Background Subtraction Method:
Peak Location Method: mixed Gaussian/Lorentzian
Full Width at Half-maximum Intensity (eV):
Gaussian Width (eV): 0.45
Lorentzian Width (eV): 0.24
Measurement Information:
Use of X-ray Monochromator: Yes
Excitation Energy:
X-ray Energy:
Overal Energy Resolution (eV): 0.2
Calibration: FL
Charge Reference: Conductor
Energy Scale Evalution: Reliable (reported energy within 300 eV of a reference energy)
Specimen Information:
Specimen: crystal, molecular beam epitaxy, semiconductor, sputtered and heated, thin film
Method of Determining Specimen Composition:
Method of Determining Specimen Crystallinity: High-energy Electron Diffraction
Specimen Temperature (K): 300
Sample Quality: Good
Notes: n-type, Te-doped with a carrier density of 1.5E17 cm-3 GaSb(100)-(1x3) samples. Au foil in electrical contact with the sample was used for calibration. The samples were aligned by Laue diffraction to within 0.5 degree. width is 0.24 eV.

General Citation Data Processing Measurement Information Specimen Information Comment


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