NIST Heat Transmission Properties of Insulating and Building Materials, SRD 81

  NIST Standard Reference Database 81, Version 2.0
  • The database developers appreciate the valuable reviews for Version 2.0 from Dr. P. Linstrom, Dr. A. B. Stoltzfus, Dr. C. Hume, Dr. A. Belsky and Dr. W. M. Healy.
  • Interactive plotting of the data is accomplished with Flot.
  NIST Standard Reference Database 81, Version 1.0
  • The database developers appreciate the consultations with Mr. Thomas W. Watson, who with other hot plate operators at the National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology) were responsible for obtaining the heat transmission data. Indeed, the visit by Mr. Watson in the 1980s to discuss the hot plate data was a key inspiration for this database. The developers appreciate the contributions on data presentation by Dr. P. Linstrom and the discussions with Dr. C. P. Sturrock, D. M. Blakeslee, and Dr. A. H. Fanney. The following students assisted in the electronic data preparation over several years: T. A. Wright, K. E. Simmons, K. P. Kramp, J. D. Ketay-Paprocki, and S. M. Fioravante.
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