NIST Heat Transmission Properties of Insulating and Building Materials, SRD 81

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Property Range (SI Units) Range (English Units)
Bulk Density: 4.19 to 2991 (kg·m -3) 0.26 to 186.8 (lb·ft -3)
Mean Temperature: -19.02 to +58.6 (°C) -2.3 to +137.5 (°F)
Thickness: 0.71 to 51.95 (mm) 0.028 to 2.05 (in)
Thermal conductivity (k): 0.016 to 2.3 (W·m-1·K-1) 0.11 to 15.45 (Btu·in·ft-2·h-1°F-1)
Thermal resistivity (r): 0.044 to 61.09 (m·K·W-1·) 0.06 to 8.82 (h·ft2·°F·Btu-1·in-1)
Thermal conductance (C): 0.624 to 224 (W·m-2·K-1) 0.10 to 39.45 (Btu·h-1·ft-2·°F-1)
Thermal resistance (R): 0.004 to 1.602 (m2·K·W-1) 0.025 to 9.10 (h·ft2·°F·Btu-1)
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