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Glass Ball as Bullet Solubility System: 1-Ethylnaphthalene with Sodium chloride and Water

   (1) Water; H2O; [7732-18-5]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (2) 1-Ethylnaphthalene; C12H12; [1127-76-0]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (3) Sodium chloride; NaCl; [7647-14-5]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail

Original Measurements:
   Schwarz, F.P., J. Chem. Eng. Data. 1977, 22, 273-7.

   Temperature = 8.1 °C - 28.5 °C   
pH = Salinity: 30 g(2)/kg sln
   Concentration = Salinity: 30 g(2)/kg sln

Prepared By:
   W.Y. Shiu, D. Mackay

Experimental Remarks:

   The corresponding mass percent and mole fraction x1, at 25.0 ° c calculated by the compilers are 7.12 x 10-4 g(1)/100 g sln and 8.44 x 10-7.

Experimental Data:   (Notes on the Nomenclature)
Solubility of 1-ethylnaphthalene in 0.5 mol(2)/L sln
t/°C105 * n1/V2 [mol/L]
   The solubility of 1-ethylnaphthalene in NaCl solution was determined by fluorescence and UV absorption measurements. In the fluorescence method, saturated solution was prepared by adding excess amount of 1-ethylnapthalene to an air-tight 1x1 cm quartz fluorescence cell containing 5 mL of salt solution. The cell was rotated at 20 rpm for at least 72 hr in a thermostatted water bath and then its fluorescent intensity was measured at 365 nm. The Spectrofluorimeter employed a ratio-photon counting mode where 1- ethylnaphthalene concentration was linearly related to the fluorescence signal. The UV method was used to obtain the absorptivity of 1-ethylnaphthalene in ethanol solution therefore provide an absolute solubility scale for the fluorescence method.

Source and Purity of Materials:
   (1) 1-Ethylnaphthalene: purity > 99 mole %
Sodium chloride: reagent grade
Water: distilled over a KMnO4 - NaOH solution and passed through a Sephadex column
Ethanol: reagent grade

Estimated Errors:
   Solubility: ± 2.0% (author)
   Temperature: ± 0.1°C (author)