IUPAC-NIST Solubility Database
NIST Standard Reference Database 106

Glass Ball as Bullet Solubility System: Ethene with 1-Propanol and Water

   (1) Ethene; C2H4; [74-85-1]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (2) Water; H2O; [7732-18-5]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (3) 1-Propanol; C3H8O; [71-23-8]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail

Original Measurements:
   Yano, T.; Kidaka, T.; Miyamoto, H.; Murakami, T., Proc. Soc. Chem. Engrs, Japan (Osaka), Oct. 14, 1968, 89-90.

   Temperature = 298.15 K
   Pressure = 298.15 K
   Concentration = 0 - 1 (mole fraction Alcohol, x'2

Prepared By:
   W. Hayduk

Experimental Data:   (Subscripts 1,2,3, ..., in column headings refer to components 1,2,3, ...)
t/°CT/KOstwald coefficient L [cm3 gas (cm3 solvent)&#]Ostwald NoteMole Fraction (x1)x1 NoteMole Fraction (x2)x2 NoteSolubility [P = 101.325, x1]Solubility Note
25.0298.150.12220.000087610.0 (water)1 Alcohol in Mixed Solvent0.00009042
25.0298.150.51320.00060310.21 Alcohol in Mixed Solvent0.0006222
25.0298.151.06820.0017410.41 Alcohol in Mixed Solvent0.001792
25.0298.151.5520.0032310.61 Alcohol in Mixed Solvent0.003332
25.0298.151.9520.0049510.81 Alcohol in Mixed Solvent0.005092
25.0298.152.3620.0069711.0 (alcohol)Alcohol in Mixed Solvent0.007172
   1  Although not specifically stated in the paper, it is assumed that the mole fraction solubility, x, is for a total pressure of 101.325 kPa.
   2  The solubility corresponding to a gas partial pressure of 101.325 kPa was calculated by the compiler; Raoult's law was assumed to apply to the mixed solvent solution.

   A glass apparatus was employed in which the uptake of gas by a known volume of solvent in a dissolution cell was volumetrically determined. The gas was displaced by mercury as the gas dissolved at constant pressure. A magnetically operated gas circulating pump and bubbling tip were provided for bubbling the gas through the solvent in the dissolution cell.

Source and Purity of Materials:
   Sources and purities not given.

Estimated Errors:
   Solubility: δ x1/x1 = ± 0.03 (Compiler)