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Glass Ball as Bullet Solubility System: Carbon dioxide with Calcium chloride, Strontium chloride, Barium chloride and Water

   (1) Calcium chloride; Strontium chloride; Barium chloride; ; []  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (2) Carbon dioxide; CO2; [124-38-9]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (3) Water; H2O; [7732-18-5]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail

Original Measurements:
   Mackenzie, J. J., Ann. Phys. (Leipzig) [3] 1877, 1, 438-51.

   Temperature = 281.2 K to 303.2 K
   Pressure = 281.2 K to 303.2 K

Prepared By:
   H.L. Clever

Experimental Remarks:

   The compiler calculated and added the Kelvin temperatures, the concentration and molality values and the standard deviations.
These data are of marginal value. Some show a standard deviation as large as 6.6 %, although many show a standard deviation under 3 %.
See the ammonium chloride, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride data sheet from this paper for additional comments.

Experimental Data:   (Subscripts 1,2,3, ..., in column headings refer to components 1,2,3, ...)
Calcium Chloride; CaCl2; 10043-52-4
t/°CT/KDensity ρ [relative]Density NoteConcentration C2 [mol/L]Concentration NoteMass Fraction (w2)w2 Noteαα NoteMolality m2 [mol/kg]m2 Note
82811.036 (b)0.407 (c)4.365 (a)0.9423±0.0112 (2)(e)0.411 (d)
82811.049 (b)0.542 (c)5.739 (a)0.8548±0.0016 (3)(e)0.549 (d)
82811.068 (b)0.774 (c)8.045 (a)0.8383±0.0003 (2)(e)0.788 (d)
82811.139 (b)1.621 (c)15.793 (a)0.6315±0.0010 (2)(e)1.690 (d)
16.25289.41.036 (b)0.407 (c)4.365 (a)0.7587±0.0039 (2)(e)0.411 (d)
16.25289.41.049 (b)0.542 (c)5.739 (a)0.7260±0.0058 (2)(e)0.549 (d)
16.25289.41.068 (b)0.774 (c)8.045 (a)0.6740±0.0035 (3)(e)0.788 (d)
16.25289.41.139 (b)1.621 (c)15.793 (a)0.5202±0.0049 (3)(e)1.690 (d)
222951.036 (b)0.407 (c)4.365 (a)0.6726±0.0057 (2)(e)0.411 (d)
222951.049 (b)0.542 (c)5.739 (a)0.6159±0.0067 (3)(e)0.549 (d)
222951.068 (b)0.774 (c)8.045 (a)0.5809±0.0095 (3)(e)0.788 (d)
222951.139 (b)1.621 (c)15.793 (a)0.4709±0.0166 (3)(e)1.690 (d)
303031.036 (b)0.407 (c)4.365 (a)0.5957±0.0072 (2)(e)0.411 (d)
303031.049 (b)0.542 (c)5.739 (a)0.5266±0.0086 (3)(e)0.549 (d)
303031.068 (b)0.774 (c)8.045 (a)0.4998±0.0029 (3)(e)0.788 (d)
303031.139 (b)1.621 (c)15.793 (a)0.3995±0.0056 (2)(e)1.690 (d)
Strontium chloride; SrCl2; [10476-85-4]
t/°CT/KDensity ρ [relative]Density NoteConcentration C2 [mol/L]Concentration NoteMass Fraction (w2)w2 Noteαα NoteMolality m2 [mol/kg]m2 Note
82811.087 (b)0.652 (c)9.511 (a)0.7789±0.0035 (3)(e)0.663 (d)
82811.116 (b)0.868 (c)12.325 (a)0.7367±0.0086 (2)(e)0.887 (d)
82811.173 (b)1.311 (c)17.713 (a)0.6057±0.0209 (2)(e)1.358 (d)
82811.343 (b)2.643 (c)31.194 (a)0.2854±0.0014 (3)(e)2.860 (d)
16.25289.41.087 (b)0.652 (c)9.511 (a)0.6633±0.0022 (2)(e)0.663 (d)
16.25289.41.116 (b)0.868 (c)12.325 (a)0.5859±0.0102 (3)(e)0.887 (d)
16.25289.41.173 (b)1.311 (c)17.713 (a)0.4727±0.0062 (2)(e)1.358 (d)
16.25289.41.343 (b)2.643 (c)31.194 (a)0.2449±0.0123 (3)(e)2.860 (d)
222951.087 (b)0.652 (c)9.511 (a)0.5806±0.0171 (3)(e)0.663 (d)
222951.116 (b)0.868 (c)12.325 (a)0.5071±0.0073 (3)(e)0.887 (d)
222951.173 (b)1.311 (c)17.713 (a)0.4435±0.0009 (3)(e)1.358 (d)
222951.343 (b)2.643 (c)31.194 (a)0.2474±0.0066 (2)(e)2.860 (d)
303031.087 (b)0.652 (c)9.511 (a)0.5079±0.0246 (2)(e)0.663 (d)
303031.116 (b)0.868 (c)12.325 (a)0.5386±0.0070 (2)(e)0.887 (d)
303031.173 (b)1.311 (c)17.713 (a)0.3672±0.0243 (2)(e)1.358 (d)
303031.343 (b)2.643 (c)31.194 (a)0.2231±0.0027 (2)(e)2.860 (d)
Barium chloride; BaCl2; [10361-37-2]
t/°CT/KDensity ρ [relative]Density NoteConcentration C2 [mol/L]Concentration NoteMass Fraction (w2)w2 Noteαα NoteMolality m2 [mol/kg]m2 Note
82811.068 (b)0.375 (c)7.316 (a)0.9694±0.0232 (2)(e)0.379 (d)
82811.092 (b)0.511 (c)9.753 (a)1.0207±0.0106 (2)(e)0.519 (d)
82811.273 (b)1.541 (c)25.215 (a)0.4949±0.0130 (2)(e)1.619 (d)
12.5285.71.137 (b)0.766 (c)14.030 (a)0.6779±0.0 (1)(e)0.784 (d)
152881.273 (b)1.541 (c)25.215 (a)0.4385±0.0025 (2)(e)1.619 (d)
16.25289.41.068 (b)0.375 (c)7.316 (a)0.7441±0.0040 (2)(e)0.379 (d)
16.25289.41.092 (b)0.511 (c)9.753 (a)0.6445±0.0037 (2)(e)0.519 (d)
16.25289.41.137 (b)0.766 (c)14.030 (a)0.6179±0.0033 (2)(e)0.784 (d)
22295 1.068 (b)0.375 (c)7.316 (a)0.6803±0.0155(2)(e)0.379 (d)
22295 1.092 (b)0.511 (c)9.753 (a)0.6072±0.0058(3)(e)0.519 (d)
22295 1.137 (b)0.766 (c)14.030 (a)0.5235±0.0061(2)(e)0.784 (d)
22295 1.273 (b)1.541 (c)25.215 (a)0.3833±0.0086(2)(e)1.619 (d)
30303 1.068 (b)0.375 (c)7.316 (a)0.5655±0.0132(2)(e)0.379 (d)
30303 1.092 (b)0.511 (c)9.753 (a)0.5426±0.0132(2)(e)0.519 (d)
30303 1.137 (b)0.766 (c)14.030 (a)0.4672±0.0040(2)(e)0.784 (d)
30303 1.273 (b)1.541 (c)25.215 (a)0.3152±0.0103(2)(e)1.619 (d)
   a  w2 =mass fraction of salt
   b  d1515 = relative density
   c  c2 = concentration of salt
   d  m2 = molality of salt
   e  α = Bunsen coefficient [cm3 (STP) cm-3 atm-1].

   The apparatus consisted of a bulb of known volume in which the initial pressure and carbon dioxide (reduced to 0°C) was measured; a bulb of known volume for the solvent; and a manometer system to adjust the final volume of the unabsorbed wet gas and measure its total pressure (reduced to 0 °C). . The final total pressure of wet gas was reduced to the partial pressure of carbon dioxide by subtraction of the solution water vapor pressure.
There was a statement that the carbon dioxide solubility in water was measured, but no solubility values were given.

Source and Purity of Materials:
   (1) Carbon dioxide. Prepared by action of sulfuric acid on marble. Dried by bubbling through sulfuric acid.
   (2) Salts. Recrystallized. Solution prepared by weight and checked by evaporation to dry salt.
   (3) Water. Nothing specified.

Estimated Errors:
   Solubility: Nothing specified, but see standard deviations in table.
   Temperature: Nothing specified.