IUPAC-NIST Solubility Database
NIST Standard Reference Database 106

Glass Ball as Bullet Solubility System: Ammonium dihydrogenphosphate with Ammonium nitrate, Potassium dihydrogenphosphate, Potassium nitrate and Water

   (1) Ammonium dihydrogenphosphate; NH4H2PO4; [7722-76-1]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (2) Ammonium nitrate; NH4NO3; [6484-52-2]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (3) Potassium dihydrogenphosphate; KH2PO4; [7778-77-0]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (4) Potassium nitrate; KNO3; [7757-79-1]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (5) Water; H2O; [7732-18-5]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail

Original Measurements:
   Bochkarev, P.F., Tr. Vostoch.-Sibir. Gosud. Inst. 3 (1935); Bergman, A.G.; Bochkarev, P.F., Zh. Prikl. Khim. (Leningrad) 10, 1531 (1937); Bergman, A.G.; Bochkarev, P.F., Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Otd. Mat. Estestv. Nauk 237 (1938).


   Concentration = Temperature and composition.

Prepared By:
   L. V. Chernykh and J. Eysseltová

Experimental Remarks:

   Remarks: NOTE: The above data are given in both source papers, but source paper (2) also contains data for the composition of solutions in equilibrium with two or three solid phases. These data are given below.

Experimental Data:   (Notes on the Nomenclature)
(Please see footnotes following the table(s).)
Solubility in the NH4H2PO4-KNO3-H2O system.
t/°CChemical1 Composition1(a)102 * Mass Fraction w1m1 [mol/kg](b)Chemical2 Composition2(a)102 * Mass Fraction w2m2 [mol/kg](b)Chemical3 Composition3(a)102 * Mass Fraction w3Solid Phase(s)(c)
0NH4H2PO410018.4 2.0KNO300.0 0.0H2O283281.6A
0NH4H2PO475.117.2 1.9KNO324.95 0.6H2O217077.8A
0NH4H2PO462.315.8 1.8KNO337.78.4 1.1H2O190975.8A
0NH4H2PO449.113.7 1.6KNO350.911.6 1.5H2O177374.7A + B
0NH4H2PO45311.6 1.3KNO34711.5 1.5H2O199076.9B
0NH4H2PO429.4 5.4 0.6KNO370.611.4 1.4H2O289283.2B
0NH4H2PO4 0 0.0 0.0KNO310011.2 1.2H2O444888.8B
10NH4H2PO410021.3 2.4KNO300.0 0.0H2O236078.7A
10NH4H2PO478.920.4 2.4KNO321.14.8 0.6H2O184774.8A
10NH4H2PO467.619.0 2.3KNO332.48.0 1.1H2O165873.0A
10NH4H2PO455.216.4 2.0KNO344.811.7 1.6H2O154671.9A
10NH4H2PO450.115.3 1.9KNO349.913.4 1.9H2O149171.3A
10NH4H2PO441.513.0 1.6KNO358.516.1 2.2H2O144570.9A + B
10NH4H2PO437.611 1.3KNO362.416.0 2.2H2O159673.0B
10NH4H2PO421.7 5.1 0.6KNO378.316.2 2.0H2O213678.7B
10NH4H2PO4 0 0.0 0.0KNO310016.6 2.0H2O281983.4B
20NH4H2PO432.211.81.5KNO367.821.83.2H2O115966.4A + B
20NH4H2PO4 00.00.0KNO310023.03.0H2O178177.0B
30NH4H2PO410030.2 3.8KNO300.0 0.0H2O147569.8A
30NH4H2PO484.627.5 3.5KNO315.44.4 0.6H2O133868.1A
30NH4H2PO475.826.0 3.4KNO324.27.3 1.1H2O124266.7A
30NH4H2PO466.523.9 3.2KNO333.510.6 1.6H2O116365.5A
30NH4H2PO45119.2 2.6KNO349.016.2 2.5H2O109664.6A
30NH4H2PO439.115.4 2.1KNO360.921.1 3.3H2O104563.5A
30NH4H2PO425.610.6 1.5KNO374.427.0 4.3H2O96462.4A + B
30NH4H2PO423.5 9.5 1.3KNO376.527.2 4.2H2O100063.3B
30NH4H2PO411.5 4.3 0.6KNO388.529.0 4.3H2O114266.7B
30NH4H2PO4 0 0.0 0.0KNO310031.0 4.4H2O124969.0B
Composition of solutions existing in equilibrium with two or three solid phases.
t/°CChemical1 Composition1(a)102 * Mass Fraction w1m1(b)Chemical2 Composition2(a)102 * Mass Fraction w2m2(b)Chemical3 Composition3(a)102 * Mass Fraction w3Solid Phase(s)(c)
-4.4KNO3 000NH4H2PO410017.41.83H2O303282.6A + B
-5.3KNO327.05.00.62NH4H2PO473.015.41.68H2O241079.6A + B
-6.0KNO341.58.61.1NH4H2PO458.513.81.55H2O210177.6A + B
0.4KNO349.712.01.60NH4H2PO450.313.81.62H2O172674.2B + C
12.6KNO360.917.42.46NH4H2PO439.112.71.58H2O137369.9B + C
20.7KNO368.222.03.28NH4H2PO431.811.71.53H2O115266.3B + C
32.7KNO375.828.64.64NH4H2PO424.210.41.48H2O90761.0B + C
-5.7KNO347.89.51.2NH4H2PO452.211.81.30H2O222379.7A + C
-5.4KNO350.19.51.2NH4H2PO449.910.81.18H2O235678.7A + C
-4.2KNO367.29.71.1NH4H2PO432.85.40.55H2O330084.9A + C
-2.5KNO31009.81.1NH4H2PO4000H2O516990.2A + C
-6.3KNO345.39.61.2NH4H2PO454.713.21.49H2O204377.2A + B + C
   Table 1  a  The composition unit is: mol/100 mol solute.
   Table 1  b  The molalities were calculated by the compilers.
   Table 1  c  The solid phases are: A=NH4H2PO4; B=KNO3.
   Table 2  a  The composition units are: mol/100 mol of solute.
   Table 2  b  The molalities were calculated by the compilers. The unit is: mol kg–1.
   Table 2  c  The solid phases are: A=ice; B=NH4H2PO4; C=KNO3.

   A visual polythermic method was used.

Source and Purity of Materials:
   Chemically pure materials were recrystallized before use.

Estimated Errors:
   Solubility: No information is given.
   Temperature: No information is given.