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NIST Standard Reference Database 106

Glass Ball as Bullet Solubility System: 1,1-Dichloroethane with Water.

   (1) 1,1-Dichloroethane; C2H4Cl2; [75-34-3]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (2) Water; H2O; [7732-18-5]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail

Original Measurements:
   Walraevens, R.; Trouillet, P.; Devos, A., Int. J. Chem. Kinet. 6, 777-86 (1974)

   Temperature = 283 K - 353 K

Prepared By:
   A. L. Horvath

Experimental Remarks:

   The temperature dependence of the solubility of 1,1-dichlorethane in water versus absolute temperature was expressed by the equation:

log10(S/mol dm-3) = 2070/(T/K) - 15.116 + 0.0230(T/K).

where S = solubility and T = absolute temperature.

For example, the calculated solubility derived from the above equation is 4.77 x 10-1 [100 w1] at 298.15 K (compiler).

Experimental Data:   (Notes on the Nomenclature)
   A mixture of 1,1-dichloroethane and water was preheated to the desired temperature before rapid mixing. The resulting mixture was thermostated. An equilibrium was maintained by vigorous stirring. The concentration of 1,1-dichloroethane in water  was determined by gas chromatography.

Source and Purity of Materials:
   (1) Solvay, rectified before use. Purity was 99.9 % by GLC analysis.
   (2) Distilled.

Estimated Errors:
   Solubility: Not specified.
   Temperature: ± 0.5 K.