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NIST Standard Reference Database 106

Glass Ball as Bullet Solubility System: Carbon dioxide with Copoly(pyromellitic dianhydride-oxydianiline) PMDA (polyimide Kapton H)

   (1) Carbon dioxide; CO2; [124-38-9]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (2) Copoly(pyromellitic dianhydride-oxydianiline) PMDA-ODA (polyimide Kapton H); ; [25036-53-7]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail

Original Measurements:
   H. Hachisuka, Y. Tsujita, A. Takizawa and T. Kinoshita, Polymer J. 21, 681 (1989).

   Temperature = 298 K
   Pressure = 298 K

Prepared By:
   Yu. P. Yampol'skii

Experimental Data:   (Subscripts 1,2,3, ..., in column headings refer to components 1,2,3, ...)
Table 1. Dual mode sorption parameters as a function of imide content (%) of CO2 in polyimide films (The original data were represented graphically)
Henry's law constant, K [cm3(STP)/cm3 cm Hg]Langmuir's parameter, CH [cm3(STP) cm-3]Affinity Coefficient b [cm/Hg]Remark(s)
0.05962.140.00473.62 [imide content (%)]
Table 2. Sorption isotherms of CO2 in the films imidized for various periods at 423 K (The original data were represented graphically)
Pressure [kPa]Sorption [(V*1(STP)/V*2)]Remark(s)
493.08Film not imidized
975.32Film not imidized
1999.37Film not imidized
30112.67Film not imidized
40015.97Film not imidized
50118.67Film not imidized
59620.97Film not imidized
69623.17Film not imidized
80025.54Film not imidized
90027.33Film not imidized
686.47Film imidized for 50 h
1359.91Film imidized for 50 h
26814.91Film imidized for 50 h
39818.20Film imidized for 50 h
53421.43Film imidized for 50 h
66524.03Film imidized for 50 h
79926.50Film imidized for 50 h
90628.36Film imidized for 50 h
105230.45Film imidized for 50 h
119132.60Film imidized for 50 h
13412.62Film imidized for 100 h
29519.18Film imidized for 100 h
39922.55Film imidized for 100 h
53325.97Film imidized for 100 h
66529.01Film imidized for 100 h
78231.74Film imidized for 100 h
91034.09Film imidized for 100 h
105636.68Film imidized for 100 h
117438.47Film imidized for 100 h
649.94Film imidized for 200 h
13513.88Film imidized for 200 h
26419.82Film imidized for 200 h
40023.87Film imidized for 200 h
55327.85Film imidized for 200 h
66730.46Film imidized for 200 h
80033.25Film imidized for 200 h
92435.41Film imidized for 200 h
104437.44Film imidized for 200 h
117839.54Film imidized for 200 h
13214.89Film imidized for 400 h
26620.83Film imidized for 400 h
39524.94Film imidized for 400 h
51928.62Film imidized for 400 h
66031.72Film imidized for 400 h
79134.89Film imidized for 400 h
93637.48Film imidized for 400 h
104839.46Film imidized for 400 h
   Sorption measurement was carried out by Cahn 2000 electromicro-balance.

Source and Purity of Materials:
   CO2: purity 99.9 %. Polyimide: prepared by imidization of the polyamide produced by the reaction of pyromellitic acid dianhydride with 4,4’ diaminodiphenyl ether in N-methylpyrrolidone solution. Imidization was carried out at 423 K for 50—400 h in vacuo. An additional sample with 100 % imide content was also studied. For the thermally treated samples, the imide content lay in the range 35 % to 58%.
Tg of unimidized polymer and polyimide were equal to 428 and 683 K, respectively.

Estimated Errors:

   Temperature: No information given.