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Glass Ball as Bullet Solubility System: Nitromethane with 1-Octanol

   (1) Nitromethane; CH3NO2; [75-52-5]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (2) 1-Octanol; C8H18O; [111-87-5]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail

Original Measurements:
   Zhuravleva, I.K.; Zhuravlev, E.F.; Rudakova, N.A., Zh. Obshch. Khim. 46, 2178-86 (1976).

   Temperature = 294 K to 322 K

Prepared By:
   V. P. Sazonov

Experimental Data:   (Notes on the Nomenclature)
Mutual solubility of nitromethane and 1-octanol
t/°CT/K102 * Mass Fraction w1Mole Fraction x1 (compiler)Comment(s)
21.0294.210.10.193Alcohol-rich phase
21.0294.2--Nitromethane-rich phase
30.5303.7--Alcohol-rich phase
30.5303.789.50.948Nitromethane-rich phase
38.5311.720.00.348Alcohol-rich phase
38.5311.7--Nitromethane-rich phase
43.0316.2--Alcohol-rich phase
43.0316.279.50.892Nitromethane-rich phase
45.0318.229.80.475Alcohol-rich phase
45.0318.2--Nitromethane-rich phase
47.0320.2--Alcohol-rich phase
47.0320.269.90.832Nitromethane-rich phase
48.0321.239.70.584Alcohol-rich phase
48.0321.2--Nitromethane-rich phase
49.0322.249.50.677Alcohol-rich phase
49.0322.259.60.759Nitromethane-rich phase
49.0322.253.00.706Alcohol-rich phase
49.0322.253.00.706 (UCST)Nitromethane-rich phase
   The synthetic method1 was used. No further details were reported.

Source and Purity of Materials:
   (1) Source not specified; pure grade reagent; freshly distilled; n(20 °C, D) = 1.3820, d(20 °C) = 1132.0 g·L-1.
   (2) Source not specified; pure grade reagent; freshly distilled; n(20 °C, D) = 1.4295, d(20 °C) = 824.6 g·L-1.

Estimated Errors:
   Solubility: Not reported.
   Temperature: Not reported.
   Pressure: Not reported.

   1 V. F. Alekseev, Zh. Russ. Fiz.-Khim. O-va 8, 249 (1876).