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Glass Ball as Bullet Solubility System: Acetonitrile with 1-Hexadecanol

   (1) 1-Hexadecanol; C16H34O; [36653-82-4]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail
   (2) Acetonitrile; C2H3N; [75-05-8]  NIST Chemistry WebBook for detail

Original Measurements:
   Hoerr, C.W.; Harwood, H.J.; Ralston, A.W., J. Org. Chem. 9, 267 (1944).

   Temperature = 293 K to 331 K

Prepared By:
   Valerii P. Sazonov and Nikolai V. Sazonov

Experimental Remarks:

   The solubilities of acetonitrile (1) and 1-hexadecanol (2) in mass percent including the region of immisciblity over the indicated temperature range were reported in graphical and tabular form. Monotectic equilibrium occurs at 44.5 °C (317.7 K, compilers). The upper critical solution temperature was extracted from the reported graphs by the compilers and found to be 57.5 °C (330.7 K).

Experimental Data:   (Notes on the Nomenclature)
Mutual solubility of acetonitrile (1) and 1-hexadecanol (2)
t/°CT/K102 * Mass Fraction w1g2/100 g solutionMole Fraction x1 (compiler)Comment(s)
20.0293.2--Alcohol-rich phase
30.0303.2-1.1-Alcohol-rich phase
38.4 (c)311.6---Alcohol-rich phase
40.0313.2-5.6-Alcohol-rich phase
42.9 (c)316.1---Alcohol-rich phase
45.0 (c)318.212.5 (a)-0.458Alcohol-rich phase
46.2 (c)319.4---Alcohol-rich phase
46.5 (c)319.76.4 (a)-0.288Alcohol-rich phase
47.5 (c)320.719.8 (b)-0.593Alcohol-rich phase
50.0323.2-20.9-Alcohol-rich phase
53.8 (c)327.0---Alcohol-rich phase
54.5327.730.6 (b)-0.723Alcohol-rich phase
57.1 (c)330.3---Alcohol-rich phase
57.4 (c)330.647.5 (b)-0.842Alcohol-rich phase
20.0293.299.9 (a)≈ 0.10.999Acetonitrile-rich phase
30.0303.298.9 (a)1.10.998Acetonitrile-rich phase
38.4 (c)311.696.4 (a)-0.994Acetonitrile-rich phase
40.0313.294.7 (a)5.60.991Acetonitrile-rich phase
42.9 (c)316.191.5 (a)-0.985Acetonitrile-rich phase
45.0 (c)318.2---Acetonitrile-rich phase
46.2 (c)319.486.8 (b)-0.975Acetonitrile-rich phase
46.5 (c)319.7---Acetonitrile-rich phase
47.5 (c)320.7---Acetonitrile-rich phase
50.0323.282.7 (b)20.90.966Acetonitrile-rich phase
53.8 (c)327.076.1 (b)-0.950Acetonitrile-rich phase
54.5327.7---Acetonitrile-rich phase
57.1 (c)330.363.6 (b)-0.912Acetonitrile-rich phase
57.4 (c)330.6---Acetonitrile-rich phase
   a  Solid-liquid equilibrium.
   b  Liquid-liquid equilibrium.
   c  These data were extracted by the compilers from the published graphs.

   The solubility measurements were made with the equipment and in the manner described elsewhere .1,2

Source and Purity of Materials:
   (1) Source not specified; purity not specified.
   (2) Source not specified; commercial product; purified by recrystallization; freezing point = 49.62 °C.

Estimated Errors:
   Solubility: Not specified.
   Temperature: Not specified.

   1. C. W. Hoerr, E. F. Binkerd, W. O. Pool, and A. W. Ralston, J. Org. Chem. 9, 68 (1944).
   2. A. W. Ralston, C. W. Hoerr, W. O. Pool, and H. J. Harwood, J. Org. Chem. 9,102 (1944).